Order by Mail (no online purchases available at this time)

 6 1/2 oz. Coca-Cola Final Run Bottle Order Form —> order form <—

Name:  ______________________________

Shipping Address:  ______________________________


Contact Information (phone, email):  ____________________

Number of Bottles: _______

Cost:  $20.00 X  ____ bottles =       $__________

Shipping from chart below    +       $__________

Total                                                $__________

Shipping:  1 bottle to IA, IL, MN, ND, SD, WI —- $7.95

1 bottle to all other continental US states —- $9.95

2 to 6 bottles anywhere in continental US —- $12.95

All others request a shipping quote from:    pacnmailexpress@gmail.com

Payment:  Check or Money Order payable to “Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Winona.”  All purchases are tax deductible to the extent of $20.00 per bottle.  Receipts will be sent (by the Winona Community Foundation) only for amounts over $250.

Mail This Form with enclosed payment to:

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Winona

102 Franklin Street

Winona, MN 55987

LIMIT:  1 case (24 bottles)

CLICK HERE —>   order form   <— for a printable .pdf order form

PLEASE NOTE:  When you receive your packages, don’t accidentally damage or throw away the commemorative hang tags which may be outside the bubble wrap.


18 thoughts on “Order by Mail (no online purchases available at this time)

  1. My order is in! I am saddend, but I have many special memories of an ice cold coke (in a bottle) from my childhood. My son collects older coke memorialbia. He has a vintage 6-pack older, so I ordered 6 for him (for Christmas). If by the time you receive my order and you are unable to send six, I will gladly take a lesser amount. Thank you again and good luck and God bless.

  2. Would you be willing to ship to New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada? I am an employee at our local facility in Sydney,NS. I could give you my contact information if possible.

    Allan MacDonald

  3. My order is in the mail and on its way.. I ordered 3 bottles which I will leave one for each of my 3 sons when my time on earth is done….Thank you for this opportunity and thank you Coca-Cola for being such a great company….

  4. My order will be in the mail on Monday. PLEASE, PLEASE save one for me. I have several Coca Cola items in our home and this would be an awesome addition to my collection. I remember in one of my high school english classes our teacher put a bottle of Coca Cola on her desk and we had to write about whatever came to mind. I wrote about the song “I Would Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony” I received an A on my paper! Perhaps that was the start of my admiration for Coca Cola!

  5. Our son has collected Coca-Cola items since a middle school history project. He just turned 40.
    He will be thrilled with the addition to his collection, but sad to see the end of an era.
    Disappointed no on-line ordering, but will get my order in the mail today.
    Watch for my order and I’ll be watching for the package.
    Thanks, Dee

  6. Order is in the mail, I’ve been a huge fan of Coca Cola for over 45-years, and have a collection of over 700 commemorative bottles and these will be the crowning jewel to the collection. Sad to see the end of an era, but there have been many throughout Coca Cola history and will be more through the coming years. I just want to leave a lasting history for my son when my days of watching the history unfold are through. I have MS and I don’t know from day to day. My father was into Coca Cola history and taught me, and I am teaching my son. I hope the tradition continues for generations.

  7. Oh please, have 6 bottles left for me! I found this blog last night, wrote the check, and put it in the mailbox at 10:30 P.M. It will be leaving in today’s mail. May I ask if I’m too late? Please tell me that I’m not!

  8. so the bottles that were sold in the grocery store in town, is there anymore left ?? I’m thinking no but I figured I would ask anyways 🙂 Me and my buddy Daren really missed the road trip from Chippewa falls, WI to your plant.Im glad we got to enjoy the soda in glass bottles one more time..i know that Pepsi and mountain dew are in glass bottles ( 4 packs ) and sometimes I still can find the coke from Mexico (sprite, Fanta) but your soda was just right as far as taste.Thank you again for the wonderful experience 🙂 Tony

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